Monday, March 5, 2007

Discutzie inteligenta intre 2 maimutze

Sorin: what is up pussy?
aleks_23_andra: k))
aleks_23_andra: taere
Sorin: english bitch
aleks_23_andra: ok
aleks_23_andra: nigger
Sorin: you just hate me because i`m bold
Sorin: (black)
aleks_23_andra: no not just bold
aleks_23_andra: because your you
Sorin: actually bald not bold
aleks_23_andra: aham
Sorin: have u seen Carmen`s vavatar??
aleks_23_andra: aham nasty thingy
aleks_23_andra: '
Sorin: whoose a gigah wha???? it`s a picture of u 3 biatches
aleks_23_andra: doesn't matter
aleks_23_andra: my nose hurts
Sorin: Rain DEER
aleks_23_andra: don't u mess whit me
Sorin: or you`ll what???? cry??? i have a napkin and i`m not affraid to use it
aleks_23_andra: haha that's not funny that's not even in the same zip code as funny
aleks_23_andra: for more information please press 1
Sorin: it`s exacly a week tommorow sice you papa operated on me
aleks_23_andra: haha now i'm laughing at you mr toothy
Sorin: i`m missing a tooth,........
aleks_23_andra: that makes it funnyer
Sorin: i`l make a platinum one to have a lil bling bling on me
aleks_23_andra: you are gonna look like one of those gipsy people
Sorin: they`re cold gangsters baby....they have blingige to show off the money
Sorin: called
Sorin: i`m stuopid
Sorin: stupid
aleks_23_andra: if you have money you get your self an implant Sorin: i`m gonna need a brain implant preety soon
aleks_23_andra: why?
aleks_23_andra: it it deteriorating
aleks_23_andra: is
Sorin: you`re killing my brain cells
aleks_23_andra: why?
aleks_23_andra: what did i ever do to you?
Sorin: if u wanna kill the left side martalog, press 1
aleks_23_andra: iof u wanna find out please press 2
Sorin: if u wanna kill the left side martalog, press 1
Sorin: right side
aleks_23_andra: i saw it ho mother fucker dahhhh people
aleks_23_andra: don't be an anbalation dude (don't ,mess with my patience)
Sorin: know what??? fuck your patience
aleks_23_andra: a ho gingi bingi bling bling ayoho caroky i am a master in martial arts (form more infi please whai for one of our operators to get your call)
Sorin: i posses the monkey wrench stile.....
aleks_23_andra: i posses the phone robot thingy thing thing
Sorin: thinghy tand teng
Sorin: :D
aleks_23_andra: no
aleks_23_andra: thingy thing thnig
aleks_23_andra: i what to be leonardo davinci i whant to create new things and have my name written in the stars
aleks_23_andra: ))
Sorin: u`ll get your name written on my ass....soon...he`s a star
aleks_23_andra: for ever an ever and ever and ever
aleks_23_andra: don't you mess with me or i'll i'll........aaaaaaaaaa slap you one
Sorin: should i tell u...........
aleks_23_andra: htat u
aleks_23_andra: HATE ME???????
Sorin: nea......
aleks_23_andra: i hate you to darling
aleks_23_andra: ?>??
aleks_23_andra: than what
aleks_23_andra: aaaaaaaaa
Sorin: something else....
aleks_23_andra: i know
Sorin: what?
aleks_23_andra: you what us tto get married
aleks_23_andra: ]
aleks_23_andra: you shouldn't have
Sorin: nea....not evem
Sorin: even
aleks_23_andra: wheres my ring you son of a bitch
aleks_23_andra: ??????????
aleks_23_andra: than what?
Sorin: go sing at another table
aleks_23_andra: to erase that last message please press 4
Sorin: to lick my bolls press 10
aleks_23_andra: to scrue your fucking face please pres 6 to lick my pussy please press5 and to meet your doom please pretty please presss 7 (if you don't i'll press it for you)
Sorin: i wouldn`t like that, i bet u have cheese there
aleks_23_andra: hmmmm
aleks_23_andra: I
aleks_23_andra: H
aleks_23_andra: A
aleks_23_andra: T
aleks_23_andra: E
Sorin: F
aleks_23_andra: Y
Sorin: U
aleks_23_andra: O
Sorin: C
aleks_23_andra: U
Sorin: K
Sorin: Y
aleks_23_andra: LOOK UP
aleks_23_andra: HOW WE WROTE
aleks_23_andra: )
aleks_23_andra: Zorinake: F
aleksandra: Y
Zorinake: U
aleksandra: O
Zorinake: C
aleksandra: U
Zorinake: K
Sorin: wtf???
Sorin: Zorinake
aleks_23_andra: SO WHAT
Sorin: son of a bitch
aleks_23_andra: ok if you isist
aleks_23_andra: a neard has just exit
Sorin: as in?
aleks_23_andra: the beautifull
aleks_23_andra: the lovely
aleks_23_andra: the all loved
aleks_23_andra: the most polpular of them all
Sorin: FAG
aleks_23_andra: the sweetws parson in our highschool
Sorin: the fag
aleks_23_andra: hey you
aleks_23_andra: hey you
aleks_23_andra: put this on our blog right now
aleks_23_andra: it-s too tare]]
Sorin: all of this
aleks_23_andra: daaaaaahhhhhh?
aleks_23_andra: with out this
aleks_23_andra: that we re talking now
Sorin: wtf do you want on now?
aleks_23_andra: ???
aleks_23_andra: put everything that ye said before i told you to put in on the blog u ass
Sorin: aight bitch
aleks_23_andra: i'm gonna look
aleks_23_andra: after u finish
aleks_23_andra: sent me the adress
Sorin: shezi in english
aleks_23_andra: k
aleks_23_andra: ?..........

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BaUmaN said...

I donno why a bothered to even read this(maybe out of uberboorness) but i surprisingly noticed that you wouldn't have pressed 5.And the cheese part was nasty. I wonder WHY you even started the conversation in the first place(if you wouldn't have pressed 5) haha, blah

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